PILA strives to create a close-knit community of students interested in public-interest legal careers while also reaching out to the general student body to promote the importance of public service in all areas of the law. Throughout the school year, PILA organizes the following for its members:

  • 1L Section Representative Program
  • Mentor/Mentee Program
  • Career Panels
  • Faculty-Student Lunches
  • Social Events
  • Alerting Members of Pro Bono Opportunities

If you would like to get involved with the Membership Committee, or have any general question about PILA, contact the Membership Directors.

1L Section Representative Program

Each 1L section elects a representative to serve on the 1L section representative committee. The committee is responsible for acting as the interface between PILA and each 1L section. In addition to communicating with their sections about upcoming PILA events, 1L representatives help PILA to plan events, find speakers, and contribute ideas to improve PILA and its outreach to the school. Click here for the list of Section Representatives.

Mentor/Mentee Program

PILA's mentoring program is a great way to meet public interest minded upperclassmen who can help to guide you in your law school career and your job/fellowship search. Each year, each participating 1L is paired up with a 2L and 3L who has similar career and public services interests, work experience, and hobbies. PILA then holds a number of a events for the mentors and mentees to get to know each other and share information. This relationship can be invaluable for 1Ls to learn what types of opportunities exist, what types of fellowships are out there, who to talk when they have public interest questions, etc....

If you want to participate, but missed the sign ups in September, or just have general questions, contact the Membership Directors.

Career Panels

Each fall, PILA holds a number of public interest career panels to help students learn about the types of job opportunities that exist for both summer work and permanent employment in public interest. The career panels are usually held in November and cover a range of opportunities, including: Government jobs, prosecution and defense work, domestic non-profit work, and international non-profit work. Students who have worked in these areas serve as the panelists, so the setting allows for a good amount of interaction and gives students the opportunity to ask questions and understand what it "really means" to work in one of these areas.

Faculty-Student Lunches

PILA tries to organize a number of brown-bag lunches with different faculty within the school who have done public interest work in the past. These lunches provide an informal setting for students to interact with professors and learn how they attained their positions, what their work was like, get guidance, etc...

These events are open to everyone, so look for announcements throughout the school year.

Social Events

One of the main goals of PILA is to create a close-knit community of students who are interested in public interest. To that end, we try to hold a number of social events through out the year including pre-bar nights and potlucks allowing students from different years to get to know each other and talk about opportunities that they may have or be looking for.

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