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Alternative Funding

Why seek additional funding?

Whether or not you receive a PILA grant, there are many other ways to help fund your summer work. The percentage of applicants receiving PILA grants changes each year due to fluctuations in funds and number of applicants. Competition for public interest funding is much more intense this year. PSC/PILA recommends applying for a wide variety of funding sources to account for these market forces.


Where to start?

 A great place to start in looking for additional summer funding is PSLawNet.  It has a highly comprehensive listing of available fellowships and other sources of summer funding available to law students working in the public sector.  It can be found here: http://pslawnet.org/summerfundingresources.

Additionally, we suggest that you talk to your employer and ask how previous interns have funded their summers. The organization might have designated funding that it can offer some interns. Furthermore, some employers may be aware of summer grants and fellowships available for their interns.

Please see the attached document for an overview a few of the sources of summer funding most commonly relied upon by UVa Law students.

Paige Foster,
Nov 17, 2011, 11:40 AM